When autumn leaves start to fall, passions burn like fire…

The second volume in the delightful SEASONS OF LOVE quartet features three unforgettable Regency heroines in three delectable, entertaining short stories.

Helena “the Hellion” Carew takes pride in speaking her mind, even if it sends most eligible bachelors packing. When her father loses his estate—and Helena—in a card game, she meets the brutish Lord Adrian Rutherford, the one man who has a chance at taming her.

Abandoned by her husband, Lady Alexandra Trent lives a quiet life in the countryside with her young son, trying desperately to forget the man who left her heart in tatters. But when Brandon returns, he awakens dangerous desires and makes a shocking demand of his wife.

Olivia and Jack are two of London’s most notorious jewel thieves. Skilled and passionate lovers, they take each other to the heights of physical pleasure, yet keep their true feelings secret. As they prepare for their next heist, Olivia discovers something about Jack that could change their lives forever.

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